Orange Ball of Hate

today went by so fast. remind me to be out of this small town next year when I turn 21 i swear I’ll cry if I find myself in the same spot again..haha damn, I feel so weird and old! time really starts flyin’ once you’re outta high school lemme tell ya.. can’t believe it’s been two years already and i feel like i’m the same. I guess I’m trippin cause it’s finally setting in that my birthdays over and that that much time has slipped away. I’m so excited for bigger and better things to come with every new year. I’m excited to see who I become with them. It can only get better and more terrifying from here right? ..see ya never teen years, we had a good run.

I am a strong person. But every once in a while I would like someone to hold my hand and tell me things are going to be OK.

— (via justviviann)

Streetstyle: Yana Shmaylova at LFW Spring 2015

kinda miss having someone to kiss..


Joao Ruas - Valkyrie ( Etching, 2013)
20th birthday blunt!!

tomorrow I’m goin to disneyland :)